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Fiduciary Roles: Executors and Administrators or Trustee

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  What is a fiduciary? There are several kinds. Today we will focus on the roles of administrator, executor, and trustee. How are these roles different? Each type of fiduciary carries a high responsibility.  It's a person in who much trust is placed. This applies to legal, ethical, and monetary responsibilities.   In a Will the executor

Testate versus Intestate

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  https://youtu.be/NNyG4RDCCl4 Testate versus Intestate. What's the difference? Testate means that a person dies with a valid Will in place. Intestate means that the person died without a Will. Not a big deal unless you want the state to decide who gets what. Not a big deal if you want your family to end up with

Probate Court – Description and Process

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You need more than a Will to avoid probate court. That would be incorrect. Even the most eloquently written Will, by itself, won't close the door on probate. If the Will is one of the included legal documents in a full-blown, current estate plan you can very likely escape probate. You'll need to go over this with

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